Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Su...nny Days...chasing the...clouds away

It is so beautiful here today. I actually sat outside at lunch and ate on the deck. Yesterday, Aaron's mom and I went to Smithers and I bought new patio furniture. I got such a good deal!!! They had mispriced the set that I wanted at Zellers - by $100!!!!! I got a table, 6 chairs, 2 foot stools, a small side table, an umbrella and a lazy susan for the table, all for $399! They were exactly what I wanted. I even bought some plants for the front garden. I haven't put them in the ground yet because it has still been quite chilly at night but I think I might risk it this evening. The yard is looking really great so it is nice to be out there.


bebop said...

You should post some pictures of your house and yard. I would love to see what part of Houston you are in.

Lenora said...

I'm watering the lawn tonight. Let me get my plants in the ground and I will take some photos. We are up on the hill (left at the 7/11 off the highway) right near the high school.