Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts on turning 41

• being 40 wasn't so bad - especially when polite people say I don't look 40

• what does 40 look like anyway?

• having a baby makes you feel younger - and apparently look younger to others

• I can hopefully retire in 16 years which means I have been a teacher longer than I have left to work!

• I still like getting presents even though I say it doesn't matter

• I keep thinking about my mom at this age - what was she like? what did she look like? - I was 17 and just graduating from high school when my mom was 41 but I remember her as she was the last few years she was alive not as she was then

• my dad never made it to 41 so I guess I'm lucky!

• I am sad that Aaron will be away again for my birthday/our 12th anniversary - I know he feels bad too.

• I think I am going to stop volunteering my age and just let people think what they want to think

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