Thursday, April 30, 2009


• have been enjoying the nice weather - I feel rejuvenated

• got my pots planted - 8 in total - and they are looking great. I love it when the petunias start to bloom over the edges.

• dug all the bark mulch out of the front garden - I hate that stuff - it makes such a mess and the weeks still grow through it. I added some dirt to the garden and put plastic edging around it to keep the grass from overtaking the garden. I want to plant some allysum and marigolds as a border and then maybe some other flowers amongst the perenials that are already there - I am just waiting for my bulb order to arrive from the Cubs because I ordered some hostas and fairy lilies

• I am appreciating that Lily is starting to be more predictable in her sleep patterns

• I am excited to be making some birthday invitations for my friend TC - they are for her mother's 90th birthday. I plan to make them either tomorrow morning or Saturday - only 12 so not too big of a job

• even though I said I didn't care what I am teaching next year, I was excited to learn that I will have 2 blocks of English 11 and 1 block of Writing 12 - I am excited to bring back the school newspaper. I don't know what my other 4 blocks will be but as long as it isn't Learning Assistance I think I'm ok with anything

• Aaron reads my blog - that's weird

• I am going to Aaron's class tomorrow afternoon to make squash books with his kids for Mother's Day - this is such a great project and the moms always love it

• getting excited for June 30th to see Sonya and Brooklyn - I miss their friendship. We are going to the Jonas brothers concert that night but they are coming in at 8am so we can spend the day together.

• I didn't know I would miss Houston as much as I do - it makes me feel like crying sometimes when I think about it - it really was a great place to live and I made some good friends there that I did different things with, like golfing. My friends here seem to be focussed on scrapbooking which is nice but I liked having friends that I did other things with

• I need to get started making arrangements for our summer holiday. August 13th is the start with the Mariners/Yankees game - Happy Birhtday Lily!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrapbooked today

Had a great day Scrappin' with the "girls". It was a fundraiser for a the Arthritis Society. I got 12 more layouts done for my Disney album. I now just have to do Sea World and Universal Studios. I also went "sans Lily" which was great. Aaron is such a super Dad, he actually got her down for 2 naps today without me having to come home to nurse her at all. I am starting to see some freedom coming my way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i am sooooooo sick of this. I have the exact same symptoms as during Spring Break. Poor Lily is a stuffed up mess too. We just keep sneezing and coughing on each other. I just want to feel well. I haven't even been to see my Grandma at the lodge for a month because we have been sick and I don't want to bring my germs over there. I have all these new clothes for her and haven't been able to take them to her. It is my Grandma's birthday on Sunday and I have to get over there. Hopefully we will be well enough then.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

not good curly

Well, my hair doesn't look as good when it is curly. Actually, I hate it. Hopefully it will look better after I get it coloured on Thursday. If not, next time I will try a different stylist.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New hair

Lovin' the new haircut. I went to Green Apple in Chilliwack and a girl named Suzy cut my hair. I love that she straightened it after she cut it. Aaron hates my hair straight but I love it. I am going back next week for a colour and foils. I bought a straightening iron so I can try to straighten my hair myself -good luck with that.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Start of a new week

Took the Trailblazer in for service this morning and then walked home with Lily. It is such a beautiful day and it was a great walk! I feel so good that I did it because I was going to just pick up the car from Aaron's school instead of walking.

It looks like the weather is shifting. It was beautiful yesterday and I cleaned out the Trailblazer after the bottle drive on Saturday. The back of the truck smelled like a brewery - yuck!

It is Easter this weekend and we are headed to the island. The weather is supposed to change to rain but hopefully it will stay sunny. We will do the Easter Egg Hunt at Transfer beach again this year. Arden really enjoyed it last year. Isabelle also wants to go see the Hannah Montana movie with Arden and I know she will love it. I am just looking forward to getting away for a few days. I also love shopping in Nanaimo because I always have good luck there!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut in Chilliwack. I am sooooo looking forward to that! I haven't had my hair cut since September!!!! I needed to find a new stylist because I wasn't happy with the cut I was getting here. I always felt like an old lady when I got it cut short. The curls just turned into a football helmet. Hopefully this new person will have some ideas of what to do. Like Heather says - I want Nick Aroujo to cut my hair!