Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Change is a commin' - maybe.

Off to Smithers this weekend. Yep, Aaron has an interview on Monday at 10:30am. There are two positions, a Vice-Principal and a Principal, both at elementary schools. My stomach is in knots. There are so many what ifs... It is wierd how you wish for change for so long but then when it happens you are scared to death - be careful what you wish for seems to fit today.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The last week!

Feeling excited, happy and nervous today. It is the last week of classes and I can't stop smiling - love this feeling! I am getting caught up on my marking so things are starting to come together. I am feeling nervous because Smithers called to check on Aaron's references this morning. His VP told them "you have to meet this guy." The next step will hopefully be an interview. I have wanted to move for a long time - I am so ready for change, but then reality starts to set in. It feels so safe here. What if he gets the job? My mind has been racing all morning. When would we move? Would we buy or rent? What about stuff I have planned for the fall - CSLC in New Brunswick, CKC in Bellevue, BCSLC in Mission? Will the district give us a leave or will we have to quit out right? What about Grandma? What about other family? We would be so far away. I know I am putting the cart before the horse, but that is where my mind is today.

Friday, June 09, 2006

What a fun Friday

We just had our last barbecue of the year. It was a great success. I love this activity that we do. It gets everyone outside, we had our school's R&B band playing and it was generally a great lunch. I love all of these things that signal the end of the year - it just all feels good. Next Wednesday is our annual BYOB - the last B stands for banana. Everyone who brings their own banana gets a free banana split. Those who forget their bananas can buy one for a dollar. Dairy Queen generously donates the dishes and all of the sauces. It is a really great way to spend lunch.

Tomorrow is my scrapbooking day with my friends. We call ourselves The Fraser River Scrappers. It is really fun. I am hoping to get my nieces' graduation scrapbooks finished tomorrow.

Aaron got a call from the Bulkley Valley school district yesterday. He applied for two vice-principal positions in their district, one in Smithers and one in Houston. I hope he at least gets an interview. It would really boost his confidence and give him some much needed interview experience. I am not sure how I will feel if he gets the job. Smithers is about the same size as Hope and Houston is about half the size. Very different climate however - a lot more snow! It would mean that I would probably only have to TOC which would be nice. It will be a tough decision should we have to make it.

Tonight is our FCTA golf and dinner. It is usually a good time. Aaron and I came 2nd or 3rd last year but neither of us have golfed this year so I am not sure how we will do. It is always a fun night - as long as it doesn't rain for the golf part.

Monday, June 05, 2006

2 weeks and counting

Thats right! Only two weeks left of classes, then final exams, then SUMMER!!!!! This means I only see each of my classes 4 or 5 more times. This is such a good feeling. You really have to be a teacher or work in a school to appreciate this feeling.

Went down to Rona and Home Depot yesterday and got the cabinets for my scrap room! I am so excited. Now I just have to put them all together. I didn't get the counter top yet because I want to be sure of the measurements. I also had to special order the two lower drawer cabinets for the desk area and they will take about 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get all this done before I go to Scotland on July 10th.

This weekend was grad. I went to the commencements on Saturday and it was nice despite the fact that some people in this town need a serious lesson in etiquette. Formal ceremony are not words in their vocabulary... obviously. Arden, however, was exceptionally well behaved. I was very proud of her for sitting through the whole two hour ceremony.

Better get some marking done before I lose the euphoria of the end of the year.